Monday, May 28, 2012

Reversing your dry hair just got easier

How many of you have heard of Wen cleansing conditioner? Tried it? Haven't because it's too expensive?

I wanted to try it since I first saw it on the infomercial, but didn't solely because of the commitment I would have to make financially. I also didn't want to get hooked on it and then end up having to shell out $40 a month, especially with my unpredictable income as a new college graduate.

When I heard L'Oreal created their own cleansing conditioner as part of their famous ever care line, I will be honest, I was skeptical. However, I have tried their EverStrong line in the past and it worked well for me, so after reading some reviews I bought the L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner.

When using this product, you need several pumps depending on the thickness or how dry your hair is. My hair is thick, wavy, and below my shoulders in length. I use 10-12 pumps in my hair. I know it sounds like a lot, but one bottle can last a month.

It's weird to get used to because it is a low-lather conditioner. L'Oreal says it is 1/4 shampoo (for cleansing) and 3/4 conditioner (for repairing.)  Don't expect your typical lather with all the bubbles, it won't happen.

The directions on the bottle are vague, so you need to find a way that will work for you. I coat my hair starting at the roots and spreading the product all the way to the ends, really focusing on my ends. Then I work the product into my roots using a lathering motion. You'll know its cleaning your hair if you look at your hands and see mini bubbles since it is lathering. Then you leave it on for about 2 minutes (take this time to soap up your body or shave) then rinse it out completely.

**Tip** If you notice it not lathering at all, then cup your hands to get water and work that into the hair to help jump-start the cleaning process.

You'll notice your hair feeling instantly soft and noticeably healthy (I sound like a commercial!) But it's true. I dried and styled my hair as usual and my hair was softer than it's been in YEARS. It's cut down my shower time a great deal and now I only need one product for my hair in the shower and my hair is healthier than ever. I love it and I'm so happy L'Oreal created a drugstore version of this celebrity hair secret.

I recommend this product to those with extremely dry hair (all hair types) due to:
-Heat damage
-Too much hair dying

Remember: This product is for those with really dry hair, so if you're hair isn't in that category this product may actually be too heavy for you.

Stay Maganda!<3

*Disclaimer* I am in no way sponsored by L'Oreal or being paid to talk about this product. These are my honest opinions based off my own experiences. 

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