Friday, December 16, 2011

What is "Beauty Lingo"?

Many of us on the internet watch our favorite makeup gurus, watch shows on TV, or read blogs and do not know some of the terminology used by these people.

I personally never used the terms until recently and learned to do makeup just from what I thought looked good, as well as reading blogs and watching videos.

Here's are explanations to better understand the "beauty lingo":

1) Tightline
This is the area right beneath your top eyelashes. If you want to line this area, simply lift up your eyelid and start lining under your eyelashes (use a pencil to avoid liquid getting into your eyes). This will create depth and make the lashes appear longer and fuller.

2) Waterline
This is the area beneath your eye, above your bottom lashes. Applying eyeliner here helps the eye appear bigger and more awake.

Last Minute Eyes

Here's a look I go for when I:
-wake up late
-didn't get enough sleep & have to be somewhere
-don't want to spend a lot of time with makeup

The key here is eyeliner, a white pencil, and a flawless face.

BB Cream Haul

Hey guys!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the new BB Cream craze. For those who haven't, it stands for Beblesh Balm and it's very popular in Asia right now.  Most have a decent to high SPF, whitening properties, and help to tone skin, among other things. There's different kinds and you really have to find the one that works best with your skin in order to get good results.

The ones I ordered were the Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB cream and the Missha "Perfect cover" BB cream in No. 23. Both brands are considered the better of the different kinds of BB creams out there, which is why I chose to order these (see below.)

My haul also came with a bunch of samples!!!

The samples were smaller versions of the Skin79 Triple Function, the Skin79 Super+ Gold Edition and the Hanskin Mineral Magic BB cream.