Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: Bold lips & Neutral eyes

It's Friday!!! So here's another flashback video I filmed last Spring. The thing I love about spring is that the trends don't really change too much so you can pretty much use the same look and it'll still be just as fresh.

Do you sport the bold lip look? What are your favorite colors to go bold with?

Good luck & Stay maganda! <3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

All purpose Lipstick

Balm, Color, Gloss. This is the routine most ladies go through every day, me included. One of the ways I've cut down my makeup routine in the morning is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters.

I remember when they first came out, they were sold out almost everywhere because it became so popular so fast! However, once I finally got my hands on one I understood why they were so popular. These really are all-purpose lipsticks - balm, color, gloss - all in one!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark circles anyone?

This is my go-to product for dark circles. Being a college student, sleepless nights are pretty much unavoidable sometimes. The Garnier anti-dark circle roller has made dark circles a thing of the past for me AND to make it better - it's a drugstore product!

Who says you need expensive creams and tons of concealer to rid your under eye mishaps?

I started using this in the middle of the summer, and haven't stopped since. Better yet, a little goes a long way. All you have to do is roll it on and dab to blend it using your finger or a brush. The change is practically instant and it's sheer so it doesn't look like you caked on some makeup.

If you suffer from damaged/dry/over processed hair, then you need to come up with a new hair regime!

Some products that can help are:
-Oils (Argan, Coconut, Almond, etc.)
-Products with "keratin" in it (restores hair from the inside)
-deep conditioners
-hair masks
-de-tangler comb (glides through wet hair without tugging at knots/snags)

You hair is very sensitive and too much heat, styling, or even brushing can seriously damage your hair over time. Baby your hair with a mask/deep conditioner once a week (twice if it's extremely damaged) and soon you will see it looking sleek and healthy again.

Keep in mind: Wet hair is WEAKER than dry hair. So when you get out of the shower, comb your hair with a de-tangler comb instead of a brush and it will minimize split ends.

Good luck & Stay maganda <3

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Combat oily skin

When there's an increase in humidity (all my east coasters can relate) your skin tends to get really oily. So what do you do?

Well there's several options:
-Use a toner (tightens pores)
-Oil blotting sheets (easily blots off oil on-the-go)
-Use a cleansing mask (tightens pores, deeper cleansing)
-Wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser (gives skin a fresh feeling, removes excess dirt)
-Use a gentle exfoliator 2-3x a week (deep cleanses skin)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mini haul: Spring Avon

Hey guys! So yesterday I got my Avon order which really wasn't much. I just picked up a couple of spring time items that could make a good transition into summer as well!

Flashback Friday!

This is my video I did last spring! This look is perfect for spring/summer because it's light on your face and provides that au natural look. All it takes is some brown eyeliner to define the eyes and my favorite, peach lipstick! You can also skip the eyeliner if you want, and just go straight to the mascara. Try it out!

How do you achieve the "au natural" look? Is it something you wear often?

Good luck & Stay maganda <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All day makeup

When you're out and about for 12+ hours it's hard to keep tabs on your makeup all day.  A good way to stay confident that you're makeup won't budge is to products that have extended stay in the name or to remove oil from your face, allowing makeup to cling and stay on your face.

A primer allows a "clean canvas" for your face that the foundation can adhere to. Whether you use a liquid, powder, or mineral foundation, primer will extend the staying power. There is no specific or "right" foundation type for these kinds of days, in other words, liquid won't necessarily stay better than a mineral powder. My personal favorite primer is the mineral infused primer by e.l.f. because it leaves your face feeling super silky and smooth!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tip of the day: Hair

If you have frizz-prone hair especially in the summer, a natural way to minimize frizz is to do a cold rinse in the shower.

Did you know?
Frizz occurs when the natural oils and moisture is removed from your hair. This can happen when you overstyle your hair (too much heat/products) and can start as early as when you shower.

Showering in warm/hot water (which is what most of us do), causes the hair cuticle to open up. By it being open it is exposed to all the elements and weathering in the air, which lead it dryness. If you condition your hair and rinse it with warm water, you're actually not letting the conditioner seep into the cuticle long enough to repair the hair.

Cold water seals up the cuticle to keep all of the moisture from your conditioner IN. Obviously don't rinse your hair in water that's ice cold, but definitely opt for something colder than what the rest of your routine was in.

If you can't take the cold water, blast your hair with the "cool" option on your blow dryer.

Good luck & Stay maganda <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My discovery back at home

So I'm actually back in my parent's house this week since I'm on spring break from school. One of the first things I almost didn't notice was this hand soap. I was nonchalantly washing my hands and then I noticed a smell I couldn't detect....but it smelled SO GOOD! Then I realized it was the soap haha.

This is the Mint Chocolate foam hand wash from Bath & Body Works.

I normally am not a fan of mint chocolate anything - ice cream, cookies, candies....none. But this just smells so yummy haha. I actually love this brand of soap and the foaming properties. They come in a wide variety of scents and most of them smell super yummy. I'm not going to go out and buy all of the products this scent comes in because I think it would be overwhelming, but hey, this light foam soap is simply amazing.

Have any of you used this scent or product? What are your thoughts?

Stay maganda <3

Tip of the Day: Skincare

Apply moisturizer in the day AND the night (after you wash your face).

It protects your face from the weather, especially wind and cold.

It assists your body in repairing your skin because at night, your skin actually LOSES moisture.

Remember: moisturizer is your friend :)

Stay maganda <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

I love peach lips! They're a great alternative to your typical red lip, while still getting a nice pop of color and isn't that what we all love about spring time???

If you don't like lipstick, go for a stain (super light in terms of color) or a sheer color gloss (noticeable, with light color.)

This is my latest skin care purchase (all masks) which I got since I am starting a new skincare regime. I've tried them all and the results for each are good so far!
*Disclaimer* Everything said is my honest opinion about how they worked for me and I am not getting paid or sponsored to do this review.

From left to right I have an exfoliating enzyme pineapple mask, a hydrating goji berry mask, and a peel-off cucumber mask.

My favorite thing about these are that they are made from natural fruits and vegetables in creative ways. They also smell really good! So having them on your face for an extended amount of time isn't as torturing because they smell like the fruits/vegetables they're made of, yum!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Picking the "right red"

Picking the right red can seem like a tedious process BUT it doesn't have to be, and in today's world there are so many reds to choose from!!!

First, take a good look at your skin tone. Are you cool or warm?
If you have a cooler skin tone, aim for reds with cooler undertones. This means aim for a red with hints of pink and this will make your lips pop. If you get a lipstick with hints of blue in it, that works as well AND will even make your teeth appear to be whiter. An example of these colors can be found here: CLICK

If you have a warmer skin tone, aim for reds with warmer undertones. This means aim for reds with hints of orange, yellows, or browns. These colors can be found here: CLICK

Still doubtful? It is said that classic or "true" red can be used on ALL skin tones, warm or cool.

Makeup "quick fix" tricks

Woke up late? Here's a few easy tricks you can try to hide your tired look & leave your house looking fresh and awake!

1) White Pencil
Apply this on the inner corners of your eyes and it will create an illusion that the eyes are opened and wider looking. If you want, you can also outline the entire waterline as well as your tightline for a more noticeable effect.

2) White Eyeshadow
Not into the pencil? Apply white eyeshadow to your lids focusing on the inner corners for the same effect.

Give your hair a BOOST!

The way to boost flat, lifeless hair is to add waves to it.

Have STRAIGHT hair?
Use a curling iron or straightener to achieve beachy waves. Don't forget the heat protectant!! Click here to see how to get waves with a straightener :) To finish it off, apply pomade or wax or even sea-salt spray as this will help your style LAST (see below).

Already have WAVY/CURLY hair?
Use pomade, wax, or a wave-enhancing spray to scrunch hair up. This works best if done when hair is damp so the style will last.

Another option is to use a sea-salt spray. To make this DIY spray at home it's simply 8 fl. oz of distilled or filtered water and 1 tsp. of sea-salt (for every 8fl.oz. added). Place this all in a handy, clean spray bottle and that's it! If you want to add some scent, add 1/2 tsp of coconut conditioner or oil. This will help to counteract the dryness of the salt also.