Monday, March 19, 2012

Tip of the day: Hair

If you have frizz-prone hair especially in the summer, a natural way to minimize frizz is to do a cold rinse in the shower.

Did you know?
Frizz occurs when the natural oils and moisture is removed from your hair. This can happen when you overstyle your hair (too much heat/products) and can start as early as when you shower.

Showering in warm/hot water (which is what most of us do), causes the hair cuticle to open up. By it being open it is exposed to all the elements and weathering in the air, which lead it dryness. If you condition your hair and rinse it with warm water, you're actually not letting the conditioner seep into the cuticle long enough to repair the hair.

Cold water seals up the cuticle to keep all of the moisture from your conditioner IN. Obviously don't rinse your hair in water that's ice cold, but definitely opt for something colder than what the rest of your routine was in.

If you can't take the cold water, blast your hair with the "cool" option on your blow dryer.

Good luck & Stay maganda <3

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