Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All day makeup

When you're out and about for 12+ hours it's hard to keep tabs on your makeup all day.  A good way to stay confident that you're makeup won't budge is to products that have extended stay in the name or to remove oil from your face, allowing makeup to cling and stay on your face.

A primer allows a "clean canvas" for your face that the foundation can adhere to. Whether you use a liquid, powder, or mineral foundation, primer will extend the staying power. There is no specific or "right" foundation type for these kinds of days, in other words, liquid won't necessarily stay better than a mineral powder. My personal favorite primer is the mineral infused primer by e.l.f. because it leaves your face feeling super silky and smooth!

finishing spray is the finishing piece and is totally optional. It sets your makeup in place, and a perk for most sprays are the properties some of them possess like Aloe or Vitamin E. I usually opt for my finishing spray when it's hot/humid out and I need that refreshed feeling after putting on my makeup. You can find an affordable version at e.l.f , which (from experience) works just as well as more expensive versions. This particular one has Aloe, Green Tea extract, Cucumber, and Vitamins A, C, and E. (Great deal!)

Extended stay makeup is ideal if you're going to be out all day for obvious reasons - they last longer than normal makeup. If you're eyelids tend to get oily (like mine) I recommend putting an eye primer to create that oil free, matte appearance. Then apply eyeliner if you're going to be wearing it. I recommend the extralasting liquid liner by Avon. I use this specifically for days I know I won't be able to touch up my makeup and it really stays put! It's said to last a full 12hrs, and for the most part it does, but I'd say a guaranteed 10hrs depending on how oily your lids can get.

A drugstore version of extended wear would be L'Oreal's infallible never fail lip color. From experience, this lip color STAYS no matter what and even past the time you want to wear it. Food, drinks, kisses, whatever - you can count on it.

How do you keep your makeup lasting all day? Have any of you tried these products - Love? Hate?

Good luck & Stay maganda <3

**Disclaimer** I am not sponsored or getting paid to speak about these brands. What I say is my honest opinion based of personal experiences with the mentioned products.

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