Friday, November 21, 2014

Update + Look Of The Day

Hi Guys,

I know I've been MIA as of lately and that is because I've been juggling sooo much on my plate lately. Minor backstory -- I work full time, go to grad school part time, and I also freelance in addition to managing my blog and my other social media sites. ALSO, (for those who don't know - I have lupus) I've been managing my crazy symptoms that have been all over the place ever since the weather changed to super cold and the stress of school/work has started catching up with me. *Pause to breath*

Oh, side note -- I started a lupus blog where I log my daily feelings, tips, inspiration, whatever just happens to pop into my head. Check it out if you'd like - LA VIDA LUPIE.

ANYWAY, back to beauty related topics, here is my look of the day:

Because my health has been all over the place lately, I'm usually really exhausted by the time Friday rolls around (definitely not 18 anymore!) so I opt for simpler makeup looks. Today I wanted to dress up my eyes a little more with gray, and balanced out the washed out eye with a red lip stain for some color. Quick, easy, fresh and clean - perfect for work or school.

What's your favorite look to end a busy week?

Stay maganda<3

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