Friday, December 16, 2011

What is "Beauty Lingo"?

Many of us on the internet watch our favorite makeup gurus, watch shows on TV, or read blogs and do not know some of the terminology used by these people.

I personally never used the terms until recently and learned to do makeup just from what I thought looked good, as well as reading blogs and watching videos.

Here's are explanations to better understand the "beauty lingo":

1) Tightline
This is the area right beneath your top eyelashes. If you want to line this area, simply lift up your eyelid and start lining under your eyelashes (use a pencil to avoid liquid getting into your eyes). This will create depth and make the lashes appear longer and fuller.

2) Waterline
This is the area beneath your eye, above your bottom lashes. Applying eyeliner here helps the eye appear bigger and more awake.

3) Highlighting
This refers to when one applies lighter powder to your face so it creates depth. You can choose from actual highlighting powders or shimmer powders. It is the opposite of contouring. It's applied to what we call the "high points" of your face (cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead.)

4) Contouring
This is when darker powder is applied to your face to create depth and in some cases help "slim" the face. Typically it's applied to the hollows of your cheeks, your temples and the sides of your face and nose. If you have a double chin, you can even apply it underneath the chin and blend it into the neck to create an illusion.

5) Swatch
This is when a sample of color (eye shadow, foundation, lip color, etc) is applied to the skin, typically the top of your hand or underside of  your wrist, to show how the specific color will look against your own skin. It's good to test colors before purchasing so that you don't end up buying a color that doesn't look good on you.

Hope this helps!

Good luck and stay maganda!


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