Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My recent stress reliever

I've been pretty overwhelmingly stressed lately due to it being the end of the semester, finals, graduation, you name it! To keep myself from getting TOO stressed, I've found something that really calms me down - painting my nails.

I've always been "that girl" who never has her nails not painted, but this time it's different. I've been trying to get more and more creative with what's on my nails and attempting techniques and using colors I don't normally use.

Check them out!

Look 1:

I call this "zig-zag" because I couldn't think of anything...What would you call it?
As you can see, I tried a little step-by-step thing here to show you how easy it is! Play around with different colors & designs. Tell me or send me pictures of what you did, I'd like to see!
*Tip* make sure the base color is completely dry. I waited overnight before I painted the top colors. 

 Look 2:

This is what's currently on my nails.
It's a simple french manicure but with different colorful colors. I wanted to do neon colors but my selection isn't that great so I opted for just bright colors. I did this by hand with no guides because I've developed a very steady hand over the years of painting and drawing. However, if you don't have a very steady hand I recommend getting French manicure guides, which can be purchased at any drug store. Again, see what variations you can come up with.

How do you deal with stress? Have you tried these looks before? Love? Hate? Leave me a comment (or pics) of what's on your nails this week!

Stay Maganda! <3