Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to: Hair oils

The latest trend within the beauty world is putting oils in your hair. I know I'm guilty of taking part in it since I started my new hair care regimen last year. However, if you want it to be effective, there's a certain way you need to use these new (or not so new) hair oils.

These popular oils include: Moroccan/Argan oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc.

Truth is, you can use any oil in your hair because these products contain Vitamin E, an essential vitamin needed to replenish your hair. Coconut oil doesn't have Vitamin E, but has other properties that help bind and protect the protein in your hair so that stays in your hair and keeps it from breaking. No oil is "better" than the other one.

People use oils essentially because of too much hair processing or excessive heat damage. It's true, these oils can replenish what was lost from your hair, but only if used properly.

To properly use these oils you must know your hair type! If you have:
Thin/Normal/Flat hair - concentrate on your ends.
Thick/Unruly/Curly/Extremely Dry hair - use a little more all over your hair, focusing on the ends.
For all - Depending on how oily your hair gets, some can be added to your scalp to some degree.

Do Not:
-Use the oil before you apply heat to your hair
-Use the oil before you lay out in the sun (unless you are wearing a sun hat)

*Using heat or exposing your hair to heat with the oil in your head is basically "deep-frying" your hair! Your hair is not a frozen french fry so don't treat it like one*

What I do is apply the oil on the day I don't wash my hair (I wash every other day.) Because your hair will look greasy, I suggest tying it into a bun and going about your day. If you don't like to wear your hair in a bun, do this before you go to sleep, tie it into a bun and undo it the next day.

Time to wash:
Remove the bun and wash your hair. Sometimes you may need a little more shampoo to make sure all of the oil is out. Follow with conditioner (if you already use it) and your done! Style as usual.

-The longer you leave the oil in, the better it works because it has more time to penetrate your hair.
-The oils are meant to replenish, not protect

Any of these oils can be purchased at any health food store, natural food/products store, some drugstores.

Do any of you use hair oils? Which ones?

Good luck & Stay Maganda!<3

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