Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to basics: "Does it all" Nails

Hey everyone! I'm super sorry for my hiatus lately, it's finals week so all my free time has been going to studying and doing projects ;(

As a part of study week I've had almost no time to do anything for myself so I've been pulling together a lot of basic looks lately, which really isn't all that bad with the right accessories!

This week I will be posting my basic looks that are quick and easy, yet still stylish. Cut down on your morning routine once in a while!

Check out these nails. Nude is an IN-color for all seasons and it goes with everything! Have you rocked this color?

[caption id="attachment_420" align="aligncenter" width="300"] essie nail lacquer in "mamba"[/caption]

Nude is another nail trend for this spring/summer, which is a good alternative to neon nail polish or crazy designs, which isn't always appropriate for work. If your job says your can't wear nail polish, a nude polish gives that "barely there" effect, so it's not always noticeable.

When picking a nude color, make sure you opt for a color close to your skin tone. Don't forget to pay attention to undertones as well!

Lighter skin: depending on your skin undertones, try a pink or yellow based nude.
Medium skin: try a nude with gold undertones
Darker skin: try a brown based nude

Remember, you want that "barely there" effect!

What do you think of the nude nail trend?

Good luck & Stay Maganda! <3