Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break Style - LBD Challenge


It's that time again - SPRING! Warm weather, more sunshine, and of course, longer days! Living in the northeast, you become accustom to dark cold days that tend to drag on the year, right? But once spring and summer roll around, we tend to get a little crazy with that sunshine fever (I know I tend to). 

So to kick off my spring series of blog posts, I'd like to start with a challenge I was invited to participate in by DAILYLOOK - their Little Black Dress (LBD) challenge! I was very honored and pretty excited to be asked to participate in this challenge since, as most of you know, I love fashion and furthermore - I love black clothes! Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to getaway this spring due to a heavy workload (gotta make that mula) so that has been taking up the majority of my time and energy. 

Above is my Style Set that I created on Dailylook to create my ideal spring outfit, of course, featuring one of their LBDs - the Silk Racerback Tank Dress. I fell in love with most of the dresses within their LBD collection, however this dress struck me as the most versatile and it had the perfect balance of being sexy, yet subtle. 

This look is perfect for someone, like me, who is constantly on the go and yet still wants to look put together and ready to take on anything that may pop up - lunch outdoors with my friends, perhaps light shopping ;) or even just a walk outside to take in the nice weather. As with any agency environment, looking put together, yet professional is essential; so when the weekend rolls around it's only natural that you'd want to loosen up a bit. However, loosening up doesn't necessarily mean bum out or look sloppy (huge no, no). I'm a firm believer in always looking your best because you never know who you're going to meet!

This particular look is something I'd wear when I'm spending the day with my girls or perhaps for a casual date. The dress keeps that sex appeal without going overboard (keep it classy ladies) but is still simple enough to be dressed up elsewhere. I decided to pair it with the following:

  • The Dolce Vita Orella Wedge Sandal - Perfect for some added height without sacrificing comfort. And they're hella cute huh? What I love about wedges are that they're easy to walk in and your foot is still pretty leveled so you aren't killing your feet even if you do have to walk around.
  • This Floral Chiffon Kimono - I picked this because I tend to get cold easily (yes, even when it's warm) so I like to have something, even if it's light, to cover up with. For someone who wears a lot of black, I tend to wear accents of color instead of making it the centerpiece of my outfit. Although florals are the staple of spring fashion, my favorite part about this kimono is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and jewelry you pair it with. It's light enough to be worn during the day, yet has the long sleeves for those cooler nights. Pair with a leather jacket over it if it's really cool out, to edge up the look.
  • I tend to carry A LOT of things with me (yes, I'm one of those) and that goes back to me always being on the go or up to something. I just feel more comfortable having the essentials with me, don't you agree? :) So that being said I picked the Dailylook Coringstone Vegan Leather Satchel to accompany the overall look. If you haven't noticed yet, versatility is a huge selling point for me. This can be worn without the strap as a handbag, or with the strap for when you want to be hands free.
  • Finally, accessories. You can definitely have free reign here depending on your own personal style. Me - I'm a lover of jewelry so I tend to stock up on them all. A nice simple watch is best, paired with a complimenting bracelet is a simple and clean way to add some jewelry to your look. If you want more, definitely go with edgy earrings to contrast the elegant florals and the simple black. If you really want to go the extra mile, dress up those fingers! You can go simple, trendy, or bold. Me? I like them all! If you're going to wear a bold ring, be sure to balance it with simpler ring styles and mix and match which fingers you put them on. 

Now that you've got the outfit down, don't forget to protect those eyes! Choose a frame that matches best with your face shape to really pull your look together, and plus they look pretty badass ;) I have a rounder face with pretty high cheekbones, so a cat eye works best for me since it draws the eye away from the face. 

What do you think of this look? What would you change or keep? 
Comment below and share your opinion!

If you're interested in creating your own LBD look, check out their collection here!

How many of you started taking advantage of the nicer weather?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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