Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heat products

For those of you who use heat products frequently, it's extremely important to protect your hair. As we know, many of the latest styles today can't be achieved quickly without the heat. So if you're one of those who can't put down the heat, make sure you're giving  your hair the care it needs!

Conditioner will become your hair's best friend because you loose a great of moisture from essentially burning your hair. Baby your hair in the shower with conditioner and out of the shower with a leave-in conditioner, focusing on your ends.

Use a heat protectant before you use flat or curling irons and blow-dryers. Most heat protectants today actually work with heat to achieve the style you want without risking your hair's health completely.

Skip the blow-drying if you can. The less heat you apply on your hair, the better. If you must blow-dry, try to air dry your hair partially before you blow-dry, this will still cut down on the heat exposed to your hair.

Lower your heat setting on your flat/curling irons (and blow-dryers if it has a setting). Hair actually burns off at 451 degrees fahrenheit and if you haven't noticed, take a look at your ends the next time you do this (which you shouldn't do!) What happens is, your ends will immediately fry off if you're using the wrong setting.
-Thick, course hair should opt for 300-340 degrees.
-Fine, dry, fragile hair should opt for 290-300 degrees.

Also, you don't have to splurge to treat your hair right. I use Aveeno's leave-in hair conditioner and Tresemme's heat tamer spray and my hair is still healthy because it's protected! Both products can be purchased at any drugstore.

Remember, your hair is extremely delicate, so treat it right!

How do you avoid the heat? If not, how do you protect your hair?

Stay Maganda <3